Rise of the Wave

You know, that poor Wave group...I can't even tell if the whole group is bad or if it's just a couple of idiots like Saxon Cole and Sam Rathbone and their band of thugs and jerks who are just dragging the whole group down. The more I write about them, the more they baffle me. … Continue reading Rise of the Wave

My Personal Challenge

I’m Just Trying to Win. At the start of the year, without telling anyone, I gave myself a challenge. It’s a challenge that I knew would be difficult, but I thought I could handle it. Getting ahead of this would require patience, understanding, and even courtesy. Still, I felt that I would be up to … Continue reading My Personal Challenge

Parallel Parking is Going the Way of Cursive Writing

We stopped teaching cursive writing in schools, and people started printing or texting everything. Now that Maryland has eliminated the parallel parking requirement from the Driver Skills Test, well... I'm afraid folks are already losing that skill too. I pulled into a parallel parking spot alongside a curb (of course) where there were two spaces. … Continue reading Parallel Parking is Going the Way of Cursive Writing