An Interview with Phelan Maxwell

Netcast Title: Subjective (Aquataine) Original air date: 3 April 2136 Host: Good morning everyone, I’m Emma Zander, and thanks for joining me today on Subjective. My guest today is someone who most of us will remember from the sensational events surrounding the dome minister elections last November. He was part of a team of three … Continue reading An Interview with Phelan Maxwell

Rise of the Wave

You know, that poor Wave group...I can't even tell if the whole group is bad or if it's just a couple of idiots like Saxon Cole and Sam Rathbone and their band of thugs and jerks who are just dragging the whole group down. The more I write about them, the more they baffle me. … Continue reading Rise of the Wave

The Pair of Protagonist Partners

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been reading Kevin Sands’ BLACKTHORN KEY series. Although his books are Middle Grade and mine tends more toward the Young Adult sector, there are a lot of similarities, and I think that’s what’s drawing me to that awesome series of books. One … Continue reading The Pair of Protagonist Partners