How to Build a Dome

Let me be perfectly clear—I have never built a high-strength polymer dome over a major city. At least, I’ve never actually built a dome over an actual city. But, I did enjoy my actual time with a fictitious work crew while they taught me the basics of building a dome over a somewhat real city. … Continue reading How to Build a Dome

Founding Day Celebration Rocks Aquataine!

By Benjamin Maxwell BALTIMORE – April 22, 2040: Long-time readers of my columns might be in for a surprise, as this is my last ever from the wonderful city of Baltimore. But fear not, my loyal readers, for this is a happy occasion. Today, we celebrate the founding of the re-envisioned city of Aquataine, Baltimore’s … Continue reading Founding Day Celebration Rocks Aquataine!

Dome Foundation to be Completed March 21 Around Baltimore

-----Original Message----- From: Ben Maxwell <> To: Franklin Maxwell <> Sent: Wed, Mar 16, 2035 3:01 pm Subject: Dome Foundation Around Baltimore Hi son, Just dropping a note to say that Mom and I are back in Baltimore to watch the completion of the foundation for the dome. Well, I’m in town for the foundation. … Continue reading Dome Foundation to be Completed March 21 Around Baltimore

Dubai Has Done It!

By Benjamin Maxwell on location DUBAI, UAE - June 2, 2128: Coming just three months after the United States Congress passed the bill mandating construction of domes over twenty-five cities, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has completed a massive dome covering nearly a third of the city. Nearly thirty thousand workers on the … Continue reading Dubai Has Done It!

Our World is About to Change

By Benjamin Maxwell BOSTON - August 12, 2125: Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Oceanographic Research (MIOR) held a press conference this morning at their Juniper Point headquarters to reveal the unsettling findings of their continued research into rising sea levels as a result of global warming. The main point of the conference was to … Continue reading Our World is About to Change