—–Original Message—–
From: Ben Maxwell <benjamin.maxwell@bos-chron.com>
To: Franklin Maxwell <frankiemax@rhappahanock-engineering.va.us>
Sent: Wed, Mar 16, 2035 3:01 pm
Subject: Dome Foundation Around Baltimore

Hi son,

Just dropping a note to say that Mom and I are back in Baltimore to watch the completion of the foundation for the dome. Well, I’m in town for the foundation. Mom is going to check out a lecture on hydroponics at the Waxman Center.

I wanted you to know that we’ll be here for about two weeks at the Constellation Plaza. If you can pry yourself away from your studies for weekend, we’d love to see you while we’re in town. Say the word, and we’ll get you a Coastliner ticket and pick you up at Penn Station.

For your reference, my plan is to be present at the official completion of the foundation in the Locust Point area of town. A lot of the press will be there with the film crews and photographers on Monday morning. Apart from that, we’re completely free. I think you’d really appreciate the work that’s going on here. With your engineering background, I think you’d be amazed at the precision of the work being done, and all the preparations for the start of the acrylic build which is scheduled to begin sometime in May. Maybe I can talk your mother into another trip down here for that.

Our dome back in Boston is not quite as far along as the one here. I’d say the foundations are maybe fifty percent complete. But there’s a lot riding on the Baltimore Project, being the first of the domes to go up on the east coast. If they screw this one up, we’ll all be running for higher ground!

Oh, we were really impressed with the photos you sent of the Trident Prototype ship. I hope I get to take a ride on her when she’s ready for sea trials. A surface ship that’s able to dive underwater looks like a lot of fun. I’ll probably need the little bag though. I’ve always had a touch of motion sickness, you know.

Anyway, we hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Dad and Mom

Ben Maxwell, Staff Writer, Boston Chronicle

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