Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

Funny stuff from a recent cruise. There are more sites than those on shore excursions, and if you read all the signs on the ship, you just might laugh a little bit.

Breathing Underwater

When I was building the domed city of Aquataine, one of the first things I researched was, “How will these people breathe underwater?” It doesn’t matter whether you are onboard a space station, or in a submarine, or in a city underwater, there are three things you have to do—make oxygen to replace what all … Continue reading Breathing Underwater

“Okay Google, why do you ask such ridiculous questions?”

We've talked about the Google Maps app before, including the difference between Stella (The smart one), and her dumb sister Gladys (who just gives bad directions, doesn't seem to know where to go, and might actually send you flying into a ditch if you're not careful). This morning, I thought I had Stella with me, … Continue reading “Okay Google, why do you ask such ridiculous questions?”