In this, Part Six of, “The Pie-Crust Table: The Never-Ending Project,” I’ll show you how I overcame a couple of issues. For one, rather than use solid thickness material for the legs, I chose to cheap it out and laminate two pieces of cherry. It all came out fine… but, there is a minute line that is somewhat visible, and I’ll show you how I invisible-ized it. You will see, that you can still see the line. But after a few applications of glue and fine wood dust, I think it will disappear under the wood stain. We’ll see soon!

And then, I cut too much material off the dovetail on one of the legs. I have determined that the dovetailed mortise that I cut into the pedestal fanned out as I moved the router farther into the pedestal. The result was a looser joint than I wanted. I’ll show you how I “re-thickened” my dovetail tenon and put that material back so no one will every know. Well, except all of you! Thanks for watching.

An authoritative source points to a joint between two components. Clearly, this guy knows his stuff.

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