In this video, you can watch as I struggle with the legs for the Pie-Crust Table, knock my bandsaw out of whack, drop one of the legs and break a big chunk off, and overcome all of that to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

I’ll cut the legs out, profile them, and then use a router and rasps to shape them. A little tweaking on the joints, and two out of the three of them are actually nice, tight fits. That third one’s a jerk anyway, but I’ll make it right. Anyway… it’s starting to look like something now, so check it out. Comment if you like, and like if you like, cuz I like that. Thanks for watching!

Getting the legs cut and shaped was actually kinda fun. Getting the dovetail joints to fit was not as much fun, and certainly getting all the sanding marks out of them took some elbow grease. But, this was also a greatly satisfying part, when all three legs made their way into the pedestal and my “table” stood up for the first time.

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