This Thursday, 22 April 2021, is the 19th Preversary of the completion and christening of the first dome to be built over a major North American city, when the former city of Baltimore becomes Aquataine. Baltimore will be chosen about ten years from now, because of its harbor and small shipping channel, its steel and shipbuilding history, and its mix of sprawling urban neighborhoods and a mix of smaller high-rise buildings. The perfect candidate to test the concept on larger cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. As the first such dome, the engineers will want to show off. Here’s what to expect when you visit Aquataine on 22 April 2137.

You’ll still be three years away from the Centennial, but this year’s celebration won’t be any less exciting! William Donald Schaefer Plaza will be the site of the Fairway, the main strip for food and games. Pick up your fried dough, a “Bucket O’ Bergers,” or a Goetze Caramel Sundae. Stop by Annie’s Place for a hot Aquaccino, or for an adult beverage, try an Aqua Colada. Try your luck at the Midway and Arcade, or take a spin on one of nearly thirty rides!

For a trip down memory lane, and visit the Thurgood Marshall, the very first submarine to carry passengers into Aquataine in 2040! The sub, visiting from the Rappahannock Maritime Museum, has been completely restored to its original condition. Ride our plush, new Inter-Dome Transport cars to the Bethlehem Docks in the Industrial Dome. All free during the celebration!

Aqua Coladas

Finally, save some energy for “Plaza After Dark”! Just after sunsetting, brace yourself for a patriotic, state-of-the-art audio-visual presentation that chronicles the history of our city with rousing music and stunning video. Cap it all off with an amazing fireworks presentation projected onto the entire surface of Central Dome.

One thought on “Celebrate Founders’ Day in the Underwater City of Aquataine

  1. Your imagination is working overtime Mike. This is wonderful. I would love to be there and save an aqua colada for me. Jo


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