The Mahogany “Patrick” Desk Restoration

In honor of Hurricane Florence, which is due to hit the east coast in a few hours, I thought I'd start to work on the Mahogany desk that was rescued from my uncle's shop, The Wagon Wheel, in Ellicott City. This was a victim of the May 2018 flood, and it decided that it wanted … Continue reading The Mahogany “Patrick” Desk Restoration


Decisions, Decisions. . .

It’s been four years. That’s when I first put the proverbial pen to paper on a book that I have called from the very beginning, SubAqua. The first thing I did at that time back in June of 2014 was to write an extensive outline for where I wanted this story to go. The next … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions. . .

Volmares: Roots of the Central Maryland Urban Dialect

There are many lost languages in North America, including Apalachee, Mohawk Dutch, Tilamook, and Yurok. But some have not become completely extinct. A few hundred years ago in this very region, the original settlers of Baltimore practiced a very rich dialect that is still spoken in many areas in and around the city. It was … Continue reading Volmares: Roots of the Central Maryland Urban Dialect


Five liters of unbridled anger roars in the lane beside me. The red glow of the traffic light reflects off the glistening black paint of the Mustang's hood. The driver grins behind the cloak of dark-tinted windows, no doubt assessing the worthiness of my machine. I am undaunted. I pull my front wheels to the … Continue reading Futility