This table is coming along nicely, I think. It’s kicking my butt along the way, but if it was easy, I’d have done it long ago. I’m learning some new skills, and refreshing some others. One of those others is lathe turning. It is often one of the most favorite things a woodworker can do, because of the free-form of turning. It can be somewhat artsy, especially if you are turning a bowl or something else that can be used as, well, art. I dare not venture into that territory. But as pieces of furniture, I get by. Here I am in this video getting by some more.

The small spindles in this video are three-inches long, and surely tested my skills, especially since all my tools are really too large for such small work. But I got there! These will be part of the birdcage assembly at the top of the table’s pedestal. Two flat pieces of wood are joined by these four spindles, creating a birdcage effect. The top of the birdcage has the mechanism (pivot points) that allow the table top to tilt. The bottom of the birdcage locks the top to the pedestal, but also allows the table top to turn, so you could pour tea for your guest and then turn the table to place the cup in front of them.

Maybe when I finish this thing, I’ll demonstrate. But for now, enjoy this video.

I think this video captures the “turning point” of construction. Ha! See what I did there?

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