We stopped teaching cursive writing in schools, and people started printing or texting everything. Now that Maryland has eliminated the parallel parking requirement from the Driver Skills Test, well… I’m afraid folks are already losing that skill too.

I pulled into a parallel parking spot alongside a curb (of course) where there were two spaces. I backed up and parked, and was sitting there listening to the radio. Then a car pulled up to back into the spot in front of me, and that’s when the entertainment started. The driver backed toward me, but cut the wheels WAY too sharp. The back end of the car started toward the street.

Back and forth a couple of times to try to straighten the car, and I saw the driver open the passenger door to see that she was about three feet from the curb. I backed all the way to the car behind me to give her some room. There was a lot more backing and forthing, and then she ended up about two feet from the curb, and… let’s just say… not straight. She got out to review the results, nodded, and walked into the building. Oh, come on!

Take pride in your parking, folks!

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