Okay, maybe I exaggerate. But this car reminded me that I wanted to write about coincidences. You see, I tend to notice weird things that happen, and I always want to share them with someone, but I’m usually alone in the car when it happens. Dang it! I’ll apologize right now, because these incidents will surely lose their luster when you hear them.

So first things first, there’s this beautiful, bright, bicycle helmet on wheels. I have followed—on a particular stretch of road for that matter—vehicles that are painted from the same color palette that highlighters are made from. This is the first time for this one, and before you ask, we had been stopped when I snapped the photo. My usual highlighter-themed vehicles are a Dodge Ram that I suspect is painted in their Sublime color. We are frequently on the same stretch of road, and I have been behind him a couple of times in the previous two weeks. Then there’s the Jeep that’s painted the same sort of color. Now, this Civic. I know… but it made me laugh. There are SO many silver, white, and dark blue cars on the road, that these glow-in-the-dark cars just stand out.

The other coincidence that I’m sure you’re dying to hear about, because everyone is, in my mind, is another odometer story. I love it when I turn an even hundred or thousand miles when I reach the driveway. I think it’s fun to wait for the palindromic numbers (87378, or 124421), or those that can be rotated (26892, 19561), or even mirror images (285285). So imagine when… wait for it… I drove my car home when the odometer read 133133, and then pulled my truck out that evening and the odometer turned 159159. I know, right?

Last one, I promise. The other day, we did an escape room in Lancaster that was based on a Fifties Diner. There was music playing in the background of course, clues to the puzzles. On the way home, my granddaughter was singing “At the Hop” by Danny and the Juniors. “Do you like that fifties music?” we asked. Yes! So I put on the 50’s on 5 on Sirius, and of course… Danny and the Juniors were on playing At the Hop.

And so, there you have it. Not only are you surely amazed at the magnificence of these coincidences, but you also know how weird my brain is. Savor it…

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