You know, that poor Wave group…I can’t even tell if the whole group is bad or if it’s just a couple of idiots like Saxon Cole and Sam Rathbone and their band of thugs and jerks who are just dragging the whole group down. The more I write about them, the more they baffle me. Now the Undercurrent, well, I know more about them. They don’t like each other much, so I can only imagine that if they ever got together, there would be a lot of conflict and confrontation, so I hope I get to write about that if it happens. Like, in a third book of a series.

If you want to know more about these groups now, you have a great opportunity. You probably already know about UNDERCURRENT, the first book in the series. If you don’t follow me on Facebook, you probably don’t even know that I’m reading UNDERCURRENT right now, for the very first time. I know, I wrote it! But that’s the thing. Until there’s a cover on that sucker, you’re not a reader, you’re a writer. I’ve edited, revised, rewritten, reshaped, altered, edited some more… for a few years. It’s had that cover for just over a year now, and so I am actually reading the book.

And as of March 4th, I can actually read my new book, RISE OF THE WAVE, the second book in The UNDERCURRENT Series! I will say, I am a “book” person. I’ve tried those fancy readers and Kindles, but I’d much rather be holding a good hard cover book or paperback. Maybe one of these days, I might see one of my books in hard cover form too. Until then!

Michael Crowl continues the adventures of Phelan Maxwell in Rise of the Wave, the second book of the amazing Undercurrent series. Just as the people of Aquataine are recovering from the sabotage that threatened their underwater city, they are forced to endure yet another unspeakable tragedy. And now, the dome minister’s son Joshua has been kidnapped and held hostage by someone with agents inside the Aquataine government. Could the Wave really be back? Sixteen-year-old Phelan Maxwell, who helped put away Saxon Cole’s radical Wave activists for sabotaging the city’s infrastructure, returns home to find his uncle meeting with the dome minister. Desperate to get his son back, the dome minister seeks help from the secretive Undercurrent. Phelan vows to find a lead to where his son is being held. He’ll find much more than that, and he’s going to need help. Fortunately, his friend Destyn Albright is up to the challenge. But have they thought through what they’ll do if they are able to find Joshua, or how they’ll get away?

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