It’s a question I’ve heard a couple of times, because Phelan’s Uncle Gene is reading the news on his Lector in the third sentence of UNDERCURRENT.

“Apparently, I’m the last of our team to arrive. Uncle Gene notices too. He looks up from reading the morning news, the glow from his Lector tablet highlighting his furrowed brow.”

I don’t blame folks for not knowing what it is, because it hasn’t been invented yet. It’s one of those things that certainly will be invented, just not for a while. But since this is such a stretch, I thought I’d share where this Lector thing came from and why you’re going to want one in a hundred years.

My initial choice was a holographic wrist-comm, and that’s probably something that will come about at some point, too. But I was worried that the projection would be too small to be of much use, especially if your eyes need a little bit of a larger font size. So we need a Lector–a foldable, flexible tablet. A lector (lower case) is a real thing already. It’s a reader, especially someone who reads during a church service, usually standing behind a lectern.

See, it’s not so crazy. So the Lector with a capital L is a reader. But who wants to carry around a bulky tablet in 2130? Nobody, that’s who. But what if it’s more than that? Here are some photos to get your mind in the right place.

That paper-looking one is on the right track. Uncle Gene is reading the news on his, so I included this flexible tablet that happens to be showing the news. This one below is more future worthy, as it’s on a clear sheet and it’s flexible. It’s kinda need, and it would fit in a jacket pocket, or purse, or briefcase or something. Heck, it probably could be a briefcase for that matter.

But that’s still not futur-ey enough though. It needs to have a holographic component too. I thought about those photos in the Harry Potter movies where the subjects moved and talked, and so that’s what I think we need. But why so two-dimensional? They should pop right up out of the story in 3-D. For that, we’re gonna need Tony Stark. Or maybe Elon Musk can do it, but dang it we need this!

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