“Okay Google, why do you ask such ridiculous questions?”

We've talked about the Google Maps app before, including the difference between Stella (The smart one), and her dumb sister Gladys (who just gives bad directions, doesn't seem to know where to go, and might actually send you flying into a ditch if you're not careful). This morning, I thought I had Stella with me, … Continue reading “Okay Google, why do you ask such ridiculous questions?”


Why is this called a “Patrick Desk”?

This name has been bothering me. Patrick Desk. Why would anyone call this piece of furniture a Patrick Desk? Who the hell is Patrick? I might have the answer. All research on this slant-front desk calls it just that. . . a slant-front desk, or a Governor Winthrop desk. Was Governor Winthrop’s first name Patrick? … Continue reading Why is this called a “Patrick Desk”?

The Mahogany “Patrick” Desk Restoration

In honor of Hurricane Florence, which is due to hit the east coast in a few hours, I thought I'd start to work on the Mahogany desk that was rescued from my uncle's shop, The Wagon Wheel, in Ellicott City. This was a victim of the May 2018 flood, and it decided that it wanted … Continue reading The Mahogany “Patrick” Desk Restoration