How to Change Lanes

I’ve been driving for a very long time, but I’m still learning new things. By studying other drivers, I’ve learned the proper way to make a right turn on red, how to text and drive, how to be courteous to other drivers, and how to eat pretty much anything while driving. I’ve studied all the … Continue reading How to Change Lanes

Hungry, Hungry Hyundai

As you all probably know, (You do all subscribe to my blog, right?) I have been known to stop at Chick Fil-A just about every morning for coffee. It’s really preparation in case I run into traffic, which only starts the second I leave my house. If I have time, I will go inside for … Continue reading Hungry, Hungry Hyundai

There’s Bound to Be a Story Behind This

My drive down Route 32 each morning is often eventful, usually tedious, and sometimes there's just crazy stuff. It’s a major roadway, so as with any major roadway, there are often critters who just weren’t fast enough to outrun one of the vehicles. Deer seem to be the most cocky. “I can beat that thing,” … Continue reading There’s Bound to Be a Story Behind This