I have too many interests and not enough time, so I’m pretty much like all of you, I suppose. You will see a lot about writing in here, because I just released my first book in February of 2019. UNDERCURRENT is my YA fiction, Sci-Fi Action/Adventure, which you’ll hear about later. But, you are also likely to see a lot of stuff here about furniture, because I also make and repair furniture. When I’m in between projects, I might rant about traffic, or I might write about something funny that happened. You. Just. Never. Know.


I worked on this manuscript for a while before I actually started writing it. I’d think about the story while driving to work, I’d write down idea, research them, outline chapters and story elements, and talk to my characters. Some of them never made it past the auditions, but others became my best friends. Then, in November of 2014, I wrote out about 54,000 words of the initial “SFD” during the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). It went into constant revision mode for the next four years. I queried agents (About 40, which I’m told is not enough), tweaking it each time, researching their interests, and tailoring my requests to each one’s interest, studying manuscript wish lists, and following them on Twitter. Alas, there was only minimal interest. So, I self-published it.

Man, is that a LOT of work. All you self-publishers (or “author-publishers” as we’re known in some circles), I have way more respect for you now. Writing is hard. In itself, it is a huge amount of work. Just writing, revising, editing, checking grammar (Don’t trust Grammarly all the time), spelling (Really? You trust spell-checker?), timelines, inconsistencies, and continuity errors will keep you up at night. But then, unless you’re paying someone, there’s covers and book design and a whole host of other crap to do.

So when it gets to be too much, I need to make sawdust. You will find the stuff I’ve made somewhere on this site. I’m pretty proud of the beds I made for my grandkids, and the walnut chest I made for my daughter and son-in-law, the walnut blanket chest I made for my wife 34 years after I promised, and I’ve rebuilt a couple of pieces that were thrashed in the flood waters of Ellicott City, Maryland in 2016 and 2018.

Oh, and I still work full time. But, sawdust makes me happy, and I like to travel to my make believe city when I need a little stress relief. It all keeps me pretty busy, and that’s the way I like it.

All the best, Mike

This link will whisk you away to my Author Page on Amazon where you can purchase UNDERCURRENT as a Paperback or ebook!

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